My voice over career technically began at the age of 8, when I was asked to read out loud in a school assembly.

Then, following a 20-year period of inactivity, I somehow ended up as a full-time professional British Voice Over Artist.

Like many of my peers, my route came from working behind the scenes in the audio production business rather than formal actor training.
Working for a well-respected audio production company and voice agency, I spent my time writing, producing, directing and co-ordinating commercial and corporate voice over projects. From production through to performance, I gained a lot of industry knowledge in these positions.

Sometimes, a project cropped up that needed an extra voice (but with no extra budget)! It’s here where I started my voice over journey. Over time, these bit part jobs became paid jobs, as I learnt and improved my craft.

In 2010, I stepped away from full-time production and became a full-time Voice Over Artist.

Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working with brands such as NBC, Fujitsu, MINI, Shell, Nescafe and the World Bank.

My style is best described as fresh, natural and conversational, with a very subtle native UK West Country lilt (Devonshire, to be precise). I can perform a variety of styles including soft and conversational, upbeat and friendly, wry and humorous, as well as professional and informative. Explainer video narration is one of my strongest suits, but I’ve also experience across most voice over forms including radio and TV commercials, telephone messages, e-learning modules and character acting.

I do most of this from my own studio. I have a voice booth, Neumann u87ai microphone, and other delightful flashing lights and knobs to stare at! It’s a bit of an upgrade from the £100 microphone and duvet based voice booth I started out with!

Alongside voice work, I’ve also produced, written and acted in comedy productions for BBC Radio Devon, Radio Plymouth and Birthday Alarm.

Well, you’ve probably heard enough about me, so how about yourself? Please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.