British Voice Over Talents

Working From My Studio

Looking for a different type of voice?

I can also offer a selection of resident British Voice Over Talents.

All the voices below are recorded and produced in my studio, so you can be assured of the same level of quality and service.

We can offer “self-direct” sessions or you can listen in live using a telephone, Skype or ipDTL.

If you’d like to discuss booking any of the resident British Voice Over Talents, please do get in touch for more info.

Jon Iles

Deep, Warm and Experienced

Jon Iles is a deep, warm and experienced British Voiceover Artist.

He’s a highly skilled performer, recording countless corporate, documentary, e-learning and web video projects over his 30+ year career.

From warm and knowledgeable, to big and boomy…Jon can offer a variety of vocal styles!

Having worked as a TV and stage actor, he also has a wealth of experience in characterization.



Cassie is a professional and experienced VO artist with an acting degree to enable her to create a variety of characters quickly.

She is an accomplished actress of stage and screen. Her accent is RP with a hint of East Midlands and her voice tone is warm, fresh, confident and friendly, engaging and professional.

She is a versatile VO Artist having voiced commercials, infomercials, e-learning, audio books and lead roles in radio plays, including two for the BBC. Her voice age ranges from 20s-30s.

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