Character Voice Over

Characters for sketches, commercials, audio guides and video games.
Alongside straight narration, I’m also somewhat of a character voice over actor.

In 2016, I played Fred, a talking watch in a short action film for the Apigee brand (a bit like the Vision from Iron Man). Many of the cast had credits on popular US TV shows so it was a very cool project to be involved in.

For the video game Enderal, I performed the character voice over roles of Meldor Featherwall and Bunvar. The game went on to earn “Best Fan Creation” at the prestigious Game Award 2016 (the Oscars of the video game industry).

I regularly voiced (and appeared in) both live action and animated greeting cards for Birthday Alarm.
The content was mainly comedy based, and I played a host of characters, including a Cockney gangster, rabbit, mechanic, Pathé newsreader, and even a talking egg!

I’ve also voiced pirates, zombies and many “man on street” roles for radio and web content. I can also do a few impressions, including Andy Murray and Donald Trump! From the realistic to the absurd, I’m an adaptable British voice actor.

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