Consumer Voiceovers

The web has transformed the way brands connect with consumers.

Now, traditional TV and radio advertising has been joined by branded content, YouTube pre-rolls, advertorials, documentaries, VOD adverts, web trailers, explainer videos, product walk-throughs and web promos.

It’s not just technology that’s changed. Audiences are also more savvy.

As a result, many of these new formats adopt an “educate, entertain and inform” approach, rather than the overt selling used in traditional advertising.

This informal and conversational style of consumer voice over is my strong suit.

My voice is fresh and natural, a bit neutral, with a little hint of West Country warmth (Devonshire, to be precise)! It sits in the mid-20s to late-30s age range and has an “everyman” quality that appeals across demographics.

Alongside standard consumer voiceovers, I’m also comfortable performing more character based roles.
Products I’ve promoted include child car seats, beer, Premier League football, cars, dartboards and tripods!

I work full time from my own broadcast quality studio, complete with Neumann u87ai microphone and sound booth for excellent quality. Clients can even direct me live via Skype, telephone and ipDTL. Audio can be provided raw, or mastered and “ready to use”… whichever you prefer.

If you would like to discuss consumer voiceovers in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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