B2B voice overs for presentations, internal comms, etc.

Many moons ago, a corporate video wouldn’t have been a corporate video without a very authoritative, very serious British corporate voice over track.

As time passed (and people evolved into the cool cats they are now), corporate videos embraced a more realistic and informal approach to voiceover narration.

This style is firmly in Mark’s wheelhouse.

Mark offers a light and friendly British corporate voice over style that’s very approachable.

His informative and knowledgeable delivery style can convey importance and excitement in a script, while still sounding totally believable.

Finally, his clear diction enables him to traverse complex sentences with energy and clarity.

Mark’s corporate clients include KPMG, Apigee, Marriot, Shell, The World Economic Forum, Fujitsu and Cisco. Hopefully we can add you/your client to the list!

Enough of My voice

Let’s hear yours!


Working from his own professional studio with sound booth and Neumann u87ai microphone, Mark supplies broadcast quality audio to clients all over the world.

The majority of sessions tend to be “self-directed”, whereby Mark records on his own based on a client’s written direction. However, you can also direct Mark live via telephone or Skype. The studio is also setup with Source Connect Now and ipDTL.


From telephone prompts to radio commercials, Mark has over 10 years of experience in audio production.

You can be assured that your audio will undergo detailed editing, to remove any subtle but unwanted sounds. Your audio will also be mastered using premium audio plugins to ensure a polished sound. If you’d prefer the unprocessed dry files, no problem.


Mark delivers audio in 48kHz, 16-Bit, MONO WAV format as standard, but he can supply the audio in any format you choose.

If the audio is under 5MB, he’ll send it to you via email. If it’s larger than 5MB, he’ll send it via a password protected file delivery system. Don’t worry, you’ll receive a link via email as soon as it is uploaded!