Telephone Voice Over

Voiceovers for IVR systems, VOIP, voicemail, on hold, etc.
In many cases, a telephone call can be the first interaction between a supplier and potential client.

As first impressions count, it’s important that your telephone voice over for your IVR main menu, out of hours message and on hold production leaves a positive imprint.

My voice is professional and trustworthy, but also friendly and inviting. A true contemporary corporate sound. It can be described as a “mid-range” voice, not too deep, not too high. This translates well to telephone voice over work, which uses a narrower field of frequencies that can sometimes make deeper voices sound not so clear.

I’ve recorded telephone voice over messages for a wide range of sectors including finance, aviation, leisure, technology, and hair and beauty. As standard, all audio is recorded using broadcast quality equipment.

If you’re a telephone audio supplier, I can supply the audio raw. If you’re an end customer, I can adjust the EQ for maximum clarity, master and provide whichever format you need for your hardware PBX, VOIP based system or on hold player.

Need a complete on hold production with music and voice? No problem!

I can mix the voice over to a carefully sourced library of non MCPS/PRS music. The beauty of this is that you won’t need a PRS Alliance licence to specifically use this production.
If you’d like to talk more about your telephone voice over requirements, please do get in touch.

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