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According to the Social Science Research network, 65 per cent of us are visual learners.

It is therefore no surprise that e-learning based video content is so popular.

From app walk-throughs and product demonstrations, to traditional e-learning courses and VR simulation… the applications are quite broad!

While visuals are incredibly important, many projects will also incorporate e-learning voiceovers to reinforce messages and provide some narrative context.

I have experience across many types of learning projects, including on-going commitments in the IT, laboratory management, construction and engineering sectors.

My voice is fresh, natural and professional… best described as a contemporary, corporate sound. My e-learning voiceover style is more conversational than “radio “announcer”, which helps in creating a personable narration that’s engaging and authentic.

Having recorded e-learning voiceovers for a number of years, I’m also very comfortable tackling technically tricky content in a clear and engaging way.

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