Explainer Voiceovers

Explainer videos have exploded in popularity in recent years… and no wonder!

No matter how complex the product or service, an explainer video offers a simple and engaging way to communicate your message.

Explainer voiceovers just so happen to be my area of speciality.

The explainer voiceovers I perform tend to be friendly and conversational, fun and impactful, or serious and edgy.

They say timing is everything, and nothing is truer when recording a explainer voiceovers!

I’m careful to ensure structure, pauses, intonation and pace complements the storyboard and your direction. I also have experience dubbing videos that feature an existing voice over track, creating a new voice over track that fits perfectly and requires no timely reanimating on your part!

My sound booth and Neumann u87ai microphone produce broadcast quality results, and I can provide the audio both “raw” or mastered… whichever you prefer.

If you’d like to find out more about explainer voiceovers, please do get in touch.

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